What is the square footage/capacity of the space?

The Parkway Cafe itself is 2,000 square feet and can hold up to 150 guests.  Our Rooftop Terrace is 3,000 square feet and can hold up 225 guests, and our Courtyard/Outdoor space is 2,000 square feet and can hold up to 150 guests.  The exact number of guests per event will be determined on how you would like it set up. Our Parkway Experiences Team will help you go over options and visions.

Can I come see the space?

Yes! We would be happy to give you a scheduled walk-through and answer any questions. Once the space is booked, our Event Team will be available for additional walk-throughs for you and your vendors. You may book your walk-through by clicking here or by going to our contact form and clicking on the calendar to view open dates. If you don’t see a day/time that works for you, email our Venue Team at info@parkwayexperiences.com.

How do I hold a date?

To hold a date, you need to contact our venue team at info@parkwayexperiences.com. If the date is available, we will offer a 7-day soft hold while details are discussed and a contract is generated. A hold is not secure until a signed contract is returned with the required deposit. In the event that another party is interested in the venue before we receive these items, we will offer you a deadline to submit the contract and deposit before releasing the hold to the other party. If the date you requested has an existing hold, we will offer the previous party a deadline and then contact you when the deadline is over.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

What are the options for getting ready in the space prior to my event?

Unfortunately, we do not have a private space for getting ready, but there are several hotels within a 2–3 mile radius.

Who provides linens, glassware, etc?

The Vestals Catering team will handle the glassware, china and flatware. However, if you wish to rent your own, you are more than welcome to.

All linens can either be rented through the Parkway Experiences team or by the client.

Who does the setup and breakdown of my tables and chairs?

The Parkway Experiences team handles all set up and break down of tables and chairs.

When can we start setting up for our event?

Your setup time starts at the time of your contracted rental time.

When do I need to have everything out of the space?

We require everything out of the space at the end of your contracted rental time.

Can I use my own caterer?

Our in-house caterer, Vestals Catering, is phenomenal and can prepare all types of cuisines. We specialize in custom menus!

Can I use an event/wedding planner?

Yes. We prefer the use of an event/wedding planner or organizer. Because they are experienced and well equipped for most situations, it will allow for a more successful event. You will be assigned an experienced Parkway Experiences Coordinator to work with your planner on all final details of your event.

What is the responsibility of the Parkway Coordinators?

The Parkway Experiences Coordinator will work directly with you and your planner to make sure your vision is executed flawlessly the day/night of your event.  They are responsible for all things venue related (set up of tables, chairs, bars, food stations, etc.), as well as managing all of our staff.  The Parkway Coordinator will be present during your event to make sure everything is running smoothly, and you enjoy your night!

Can I drop off items the day before?

It is unlikely, but you can discuss this with the venue team after booking. In the event that we have storage available, or there is not an event booked that day, we may be able to accommodate you. Parkway Experiences is not responsible for items left unattended.

Do you have a sound system?

No, all clients/vendors (Bands, Dj’s, etc) are responsible for providing their own sound system.

Are there decorating restrictions?

Yes, you may only affix objects to the walls with painters tape or command strips. We do allow draping and rigging from the ceiling when done by a professional company. We do not allow the use of glitter, confetti, sparklers, stickers or silly string. Rose petals, rice and bird seed may only be used outside the facility and must be cleaned up after the event.

Are pets allowed to be part of the ceremony and reception?

Yes, pets are allowed to be part of the ceremony and reception but must be leashed, remain outside the entire time and cleaned up after.

What is the lighting like?

We have adjustable track lighting throughout the cafe.  The outdoor terrace is accented with hanging string lights.

Can two events happen simultaneously on my event day?

No, we will never book two events on the same day. You have exclusive rights to the venue during your event.

Do you charge tax and gratuity?

We charge 8.25% tax.  We do not charge gratuity.  We believe our staff is wonderful and will treat you and your guests to an exceptional event, therefore, we let gratuity be up to your discretion.

Do you charge a service fee & what does it cover?

All service fees will be flat rates and determined by the size and style of your event, but they will be clearly stated in advance on your Banquet Event Order.

There is also a 20% administrative fee that goes towards the Venue to help cover the cost of everyone behind the scenes, maintenance of venue, transportation of equipment, upkeep of equipment and other miscellaneous items to help ensure a wonderful event.

Is smoking allowed?

There is a small smoking area behind the venue at the south side of the parking garage. Smoking on any other part of the premises is strictly prohibited.

What is your restroom situation?

We have men’s and women’s restrooms with three stalls each in the Café. The Rooftop Terrace is also equipped with restrooms.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

The entire venue is wheelchair accessible with an elevator leading up to our Rooftop Terrace.

Can I provide my own alcohol?

We do not allow BYOB. However, our in-house team, Modern Pour, has come up with a variety of bar packages to accommodate all groups.

Can I host both my wedding ceremony and reception at parkway?

Absolutely!  We have several ways to make this work. It’s best to connect with our venue team at info@parkwayexperiences.com so we can walk you through the space and see what the best fit for your wedding will be.

How much does it cost to rent each space?

Please contact our Event Team at info@parkwayexperiences.com for pricing.

Are there other fees?

All costs will be line-itemed on the Banquet Event Order (BEO) you receive…no hidden fees!

How do I secure my event date for the space I want?

A non-refundable 20% deposit is required to secure your space along with a signed contract and credit card on file.

How long do I have access to the venue on the day of my event?

Your access will be detailed in your banquet event order and contract — it is generally a 5-8 hour block, with an hour before and after for your set up and breakdown.

Are the tables and chairs provided?

Yes, the following tables and chairs are included in your rental fee.

The Café:

  • 1 long standing table
  • 11 barstools
  • 11 marble small tables that seat 2 guests
  • 3 marble small rounds that seat 2-3 guests
  • 12 bistro chairs (grey and white)
  • 8 wooden chairs
  • 6 small wicker chairs
  • 4 large cocoon wicker chairs

The Courtyard:

  • 14 patio tables that seat four guests
  • 56 patio chairs

The Rooftop Terrace:

  • 53 individual chairs – (these can be put together to build couches or used individually)
  • 4 additional chairs – with arms
  • 23 small drink stands
  • 22 white barstools
  • 6 white rocking chairs – around the fire pit

Will there be security at my event?

Yes, Parkway Experiences requires security for all events serving alcohol.

What is required for cleanup?

All rentals, personal items, and anything else brought in for your event must be removed from the space the night of your event.  You have one hour after your event end time for cleanup.

Do you have a preferred vendors list?

Absolutely! Please contact our Event Team for the list at info@parkwayexperiences.com.

Can I access the venue for rehearsal prior to the event?

A one-hour rehearsal is coordinated with The Parkway Experiences event schedule and is subject to availability.

Do you have an elevated stage?

We do not have an elevated stage, but you are more than welcome to rent one.

Do you have a projector and/or projection screen?

No, The Parkway Experiences does not provide a projector or screen.

Are candles allowed?

Yes!  All candles must be contained in a fire-proof vase/container.

Is there valet?

We can connect you with our preferred valet service if you wish to offer valet for your guests. Please inquire with the Event Team when booking an event at info@parkwayexperiences.com.

What is the parking situation?

We have complimentary parking for up to 150 guests on-site.

We can also connect you with our preferred valet service if you wish to offer valet for your guests.

What is your cancellation policy?

All payments are non-refundable. If you need to change your date and we have the date available, we will be happy to move your date one time.

How far in advance should I book?

It is hard to say, but we always encourage sooner rather than later. There are months where we have a full calendar a year booked in advance and months with openings up to a month prior.

Where do guests enter?

We have a couple options for your guest to enter. These details will be discussed when you meet with your Parkway Experiences Coordinator.

For answers to all other questions contact us by emailing our Parkway Experiences team at info@parkwayexperiences.com